Night of Decadence Shirts
Wiess College




Night of Decadence - 1974


This is the first NOD shirt. Fuji (Don Hill) did the silk screening. He bought a bunch of plain white t-shirts and printed up a batch.
Fuji was kind enough to print one on my old tank top. The shirt is now grimy but was much cleaner on page 200 of the 1975 Campanile.



Night of Decadence - 1975


The most notorious NOD shirt of the time. Andy Kopra was kicked out of a bank lobby in downtown Houston because they considered the shirt indecent. The image on the front side displays some sort of genitalia which is not biologically accurate.



Night of Decadence - 1976

Front: If the world ended tomorrow,
what would you do at a party tonight?
Wiess College celebrates the fifteen
hundredth anniversary of the Fall of Rome
October 29, 1976

Back: Vidi, Vici, Veni


The Fall of Rome shirt. This was the first NOD with a theme.
The back side translates as "I saw, I conquered, I came." It confused the na´ve weenies who knew more about the Latin language than Roman revelry.



Night of Decadence - 1977

Front: Sanitized for your protection
Night of Decadence '77
Back: Wiess Palms


Wiess Palms. A tribute to our resemblence to a sleazy motel, and a sly reference to Wiessmen who were good with their hands.
Note the small outline of Wiess College on the top left breast.